AIYF Day 3 - 'Leather reclining seat, cup holders and 90s party tunes'

As we sauntered down to breakfast there was an air of sadness at this being our last day at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. However, we were determined to make it our best day yet starting with Thomas braving the strangely shaped, knobbly bread roll-come-croissant-come-rock cake labelled as a 'veggie buttery' at the buffet breakfast. Fuelled up on veggie butteries we went to the pick up point to find a full-sized coach had arrived to take the three of us to our first community concert destination, The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. As we waited in reception to be taken to the ward we were entertained by a lady dressed in a technicoloured hula dress making novelty balloons for the children ranging from pirate swords to pink bunnies! Soon we were collected and taken to a fun play space in the centre of the ward where we entertained the children with conducting games, a Disney Medley, Thomas' 'waving bassoon hand' (it has to be seen to be believed!) and everyone's favourite, 'Let It Go' from Frozen. There was much laughing and excitement including from a young boy called Dylan, who upon hearing the music came out of his room to the play space, shook Matthew's hand and informed us we did a 'good job!'. We later found out this was the first time he had come to join in at the play space for nine weeks. It really was a heart warming experience. 

After a quick pit stop back at 'the hub' for lunch we were off again on a personal coach (which we dubbed the Sirocco Winds tour bus!) complete with leather reclining seats, cup holders and 90s party tunes, to our second venue at Quarryhill Sheltered Housing. On entering we were confronted by a resident lady checking we were not playing too much 'classical' music! Slightly concerned, we made a few tweaks to our programme to make it more up their street! However, once in full swing, despite not making everyone into a classical music convert, the music was enjoyed by all as they sung along to our traditional Scottish tunes and 'Camptown Races' arrangement. Even a small clarinet malfunction, as the thumb rest came unscrewed, did not dampen the atmosphere! 

Back at base we enjoyed our last meal at Aberdeen University complete with Mackie's honeycomb ice-cream as we reminisced on the past three days and some of the best musical experiences we have all had! 


Best wishes