Sirocco Winds in Ullapool -Variations

For your viewing pleasure I have made a quick video of our time in Ullapool. Please Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more videos to come. 

All five of us had a fantastic time and for me personally, it was fantastic to be back playing with Sirocco Winds after being away for 2 years.

The chamber music course, Variations, which is held every year is fantastic. It was great to meet so many enthusiastic musicians all working in different musical groupings. Our quintet was made to feel very welcome and comfortable throughout the week. We would like to say a huge thanks to all organisers and tutors, especially to Maxi Martín (clarinet) and Juliette Bausor (flute), who work with us extensively during the week.

Below I have added a few photos from the trip, both of the members of the quintet and also the area surrounding Ullapool.