Trio Trip to Aberdeen

We were very excited to arrive in Aberdeen for our first Sirocco Winds Trio tour and felt like VIPs as we were ferried around by the wonderful Amanda (@AMacLeod3) for dinner and to our accommodation. As none of us had been to Old Aberdeen before we decided to go off in search of a bit of culture stumbling across a quaint local pub with possibly the largest selection of Scottish whiskeys we had ever seen crammed behind the bar. Despite the fantastic selection one member of our group (not mentioning any names...) boldly walked up to the bar and asked for a bottle of fluorescent blue 'WKD' to which the bar man responded quite seriously (and quite rightly!) 'I have just lost all respect for you'. Undeterred, we stayed until the sun went down at which point we thought we would pop back to the dome for the Aberdeen International Youth Festival ceilidh which was by that point in full swing. Anxious not to miss our favourite dance, the Gay Gordons, we thought we would take the most direct route back through a dark, spooky park despite warnings from Amanda not to go in the park after dark as 'you see it all...'. However, safety in numbers we started descending into the shrubbery and as the bats started emerging Matthew was preparing for the worst - 'If this is it guys, it's been wonderful playing with you...'. Just then a feather flew down from a tree causing Matthew to jump out of his skin thinking it was a bat, or even worse, an Aberdonian youth coming to steal our instruments to sell on the black market! Melodrama aside, we made in back and in time for the Gay Gordons, which after teaching it to a group of children as part of a workshop on our tour to Wales last summer, is firmly imprinted into our memories! We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening dancing and meeting other festival members from places as far reaching as Norway and Ghana. When we returned to our rooms we drifted off excited for the next day to come.